Our Journey so far



(Reg. No.: CAC/IT/NO. 75707)



Dear Friends,
Ausvan Health International Foundation was established in the year 2014, with the aim of improving the health status of the rural and underprivileged communities in Nigeria through our quality healthcare delivery services at little or no cost with the spirit of love. The organization has been legally registered with Nigeria’s cooperate affairs commission. And since then, a lot of planning and effort has been undertaken by all functions to internalize and align strategies to realize our goals.

Since inception, we have been able to reach more than 1000 persons(children, adults and the aged), about 2000 school children, 800 secondary school students during our deworming of school children, awareness campaign on sexually transmitted infections with emphasis on HIV/AIDS and Human papilloma virus and community medical outreaches respectively. We carried out awareness campaign on EBOLA VIRUS DISEASES.

Another noteworthy highlight has been the public participation for all our campaigns and outreaches. Overall, it was a concerted effort by all – donors, volunteers, urban partners, and the communities. We are certain, that the discussions that have been sparked in the public arena will help us open our eyes to the reality and take a positive stand for the health of the underprivileged populace. As we set out to achieve our goals, we thank you – our supporters who give us the much needed momentum to go out and realize our vision of a healthier and a more health-conscious populace with increased life expectancy.

Anyanwu Evangel (MD)
Chief Executive
Ausvan Health International Foundation

Please do write me: anyanwuce@gmail.com.


AHIF (Ausvan Health International Foundation) launched the “End adolescent/young adult HIV/AIDS platform” in Nigeria in February 2015 this will kick off in May 2015.
The 2016 healthful youth forum is also being planned. The program would treat health with a holistic approach as defined by WHO. The challenges have been many being a newly established NGO. Our motivation and inspiration has been that woman in that community without any healthcare delivery services and you.
Thank you for being with us on this journey. Your support continues to motivate us

Lady Meffor Ijeoma
Secretary, AHIF
On behalf of the Board of Trustees.



  1. Awareness campaign in secondary schools across Nigeria especially those in the rural areas that are less informed about sexually transmitted infections with emphasis on HIV/Aids.
  2. Awareness campaign for youths in the communities who are either out of secondary school or not in school at all.
  3. Counseling and HIV test, reassurance and possible referral to treatment centers depending on the outcome.
  4. Training and Re-Training of Resource persons.
  5. Continuous fund drive.
  6. Health Education on safe sex.


Communications Communication is our major way of reaching out to the rural populace. We educate the people on how to live a healthier life and prevent diseases through lifestyle change and positive health behavior. We do this by talking to people in churches, schools, village hall meetings and during our community medical outreaches. We also use other strategies like the social media to reach some of our audience who has access to them e.g. is Google plus, Twitter, Facebook.

Finance Transparency and accountability are Ausvan Health International Foundation’s core values. Being a newly established organization, the Finance Department has shown efficiency and effectiveness amongst the teams within the organization. Our major challenge is funding and capacity building. We make sure that the little finance we get are used effectively and efficiently.

Planning The Planning unit has further strengthened systems and processes with a view to enable informed decisions that have far reaching impact.

Human Resources Having chartered the 5 year goals of ending adolescent and young adult HIV/AIDS in secondary schools across Nigeria, it was imperative to nurture the principal resource that will enable us to achieve them – our board and employee/volunteers. AHIF believes in equipping people with the necessary skills, knowledge and competency to perform well at all times.

  • The emphasis was on development of leadership and expanding the competency framework of the resource persons. The framework helps identify the behavioral competencies for each individual to be an achiever on the job.
  • Capacity building and trainings are being planned for all employee organograms to equip them with the skills and knowledge that would enhance job performance. This is was a focus area that will be taken up extensively in the following years as well.
  • Workshops would be organized to understand emerging issues and challenges in the alliances which in turn help would to institutionalize best practices.
  • A Financial Monitoring Manual for Development Support team will be created to be a ready reckoner for the team on common financial and legal issues that might be faced during project monitoring.

Source of Funds

  • Chief executive donations.
  • Board members contribution.
  • Individual donations:
  • Chief Keneth Ijoma
  • Mr Ogbonna Cornelius,


Account from inception till March 2015 written in Nigeria’s local currency Naira.


Donations: 815,050
Contributions: 110,000
Total: 925,050

Net income

Donations: 815,050
Contributions: 110,000
Income available for Deployment & Expenses: A 925,050


Office Rentage: 120,000
Registration cost:  50,000
Total Establishment Expenses: B 170,000
Net Income available for Deployment: A-B =C 755,050

Deploymeny of funds

Transportation:  67,000
Legal fees: 148,000
Publicity:  95,500
Drugs: 245,000
Laboratory materials:  88,000

Total D: 643,500
Surplus: 111,550

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