Ausvan Health Tips For Families
Posted on: April 30, 2016

As a family, choose to eat at least a meal together. Personally I prefer dinner together. Studies conducted in the past showed that; families who regularly eat together, make healthier food choices.

Try as much as possible to bring kids into the kitchen to help in meal preparation in their own little ways. This is because children who regularly participate in meal preparation tend to eat healthier foods. (Teach them how to make good and healthy food choices while in kitchen with you).
When teaching kids about healthy food choices, avoid words that could make kids curious about some particular foods (don’t/can’t /bad/forbids).

A garden in the compound will help with easily available and accessible vegetables to enrich the family meals and make efforts to see that kids participate in this and even care for them till harvest time. This would make them more interested in foods rich in fruits and vegetables.
Taking a family walk after dinner helps a lot. This means dinner should not come later than 6-7pm.
Fruit juice limited to once a day will encourage kids to find other creative ways to take their fruits and vegetables.

Choosing high finer foods like legumes with skin and 100% grains would help kids get enough fiber.
Limit TV watching time to 2hours in a day and make out real good time to discuss, play, encourage and teach kids positive values.

Limit visits to fast food restaurants so as to avoid having kids who are addicted to fast foods. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones.
Teach kids the importance of drinking water rather than drink sodas or other sweetened or flavoured drinks.
Avoid negative and unhealthy behaviours in front of kids like cigarette smoking, alcoholism,sexual and physical abuse. Kids who are exposed to these unhealthy lifestyle tend to have emotional, psychological and social problems.
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